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The Huntsman: Winter's War

The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016)
The cruel Queen Ravenna, who never leaves her magic mirror, being the unlimited recharge of her power, betrays her own younger sister. She was able to deprive Freya of maternal happiness. Thus, the lady is making a huge mistake. Now the cold-blooded little sister gained great power that no one had ever seen before.
The woman settles in the ice kingdom. She creates a huge army, consisting of a loyal army of hunters, capable of serving her and obeying orders without question. The cold queen tames her wards to a special discipline, putting forward strict rules. However, there is a couple who violate her charter. Young warrior Sarah and legionnaire Eric fall in love. Beloved ones stand against the ideas of the master, risking their lives for their own feelings.
Some time later, the Ice Queen learns about the death of her older sister. Without wasting a minute, she wants to seize the opportunity and take possession of a magic mirror that gives supernatural power. Having organized a detachment of armed soldiers, she goes to her native lands with a military spirit. At this moment, to the surprise of everyone, Ravenna is resurrected, because of which a fierce battle unfolding between kindred souls.