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The Emperor's New Groove

The Emperors New Groove (2000)
Released: 2000.
Director: Mark Dindal.
The focus is on the selfish emperor of Kuzco, who is not distinguished by nobility and mercy. Recently, he simply does not find a place for himself from melancholy. Therefore, the monarch decides to build several grandiose water attractions for himself and his retinue. But first, you should choose a suitable place for this. Soon the emperor approves a large-scale construction plan. Only for this will it be necessary to demolish one of the villages, but the life of ordinary peasants does not care much about their monarch. The head of a small settlement arrives at the palace, which the builders are about to destroy. Pacha tries to convince the head of state that he is making a serious mistake, but the king does not want to hear about it. The village headman is expelled from the palace.
Meanwhile, a conspiracy is being woven against the tyrant emperor. The intriguers are going to kill him, because with his senseless and stupid orders, he has already got everyone. But the deadly poison does not work at all the way the conspirators wanted. The unfortunate king turns into a lama. By coincidence, only Pacha can help him now. The wise elder agrees to get the rightful emperor out of these troubles. Many adventures await the main characters on the way to restoring justice.