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The Croods: A New Age

The Croods 2: A New Age (2020)
The Croods are tired of sitting still and being afraid. Dad was madly afraid of the outside world, so he protected his family from the attack of wild animals and meeting new enemies. This continued until they discovered a wall that was clearly not built by animals. The guys decided to find out who is the owner of these territories, and soon they met a fairly decent and unique family of other people.
The inhabitants present were surprised, because they did not know that savages still exist somewhere in the vicinity. It was an innovation for them to invite such a company to visit, but they could not leave them on the street, where they were full of dangers. The girl from the wild family was glad to have met her friend. She never had the opportunity to communicate frankly with her peer. And now she is making efforts, having fun together and having fun with this young lady. She learned a lot, even saw what real dishes and a bed are. Instead, she decided to teach her friend how to enjoy the wild. Together, they embark on a journey behind the wall late at night while their loved ones sleep. They want to return home before the morning so that no one will notice their disappearance, but, unfortunately, the danger did not allow them to do this, so the two families, joining forces, went to look for their daughters.