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I'm Your Woman

I'm Your Woman (2020)
When Jean was married to Eddie, she knew that her future husband was a criminal, but did not understand the true state of affairs. Jean thought that Eddie was an ordinary thief, and the rest did not bother her, but one day the terrible truth about her husband was revealed to her, and her life turned into an endless nightmare.
Jean dreamed of children, but for a long time could not get pregnant, so one day Eddie brought a baby to the house. He assured that this newborn was abandoned by his mother, and Eddie paid her a considerable sum to take the child. Jean was preparing for family happiness, but just at that happy moment, everything changed for the worse. One day, instead of her husband, his friend came home, and told Jean to urgently get ready for a long trip, taking on the road only the essentials. He did not explain anything, but assured that Eddie was in big trouble, so she and her son need to hide for a while, and her husband's accomplice named Cal will help in this. It was a grim, silent man with whom Jean felt uncomfortable. However, after talking with Cal, she realized that in this situation she could only trust him. It turned out that Eddie was not just a thief, but a professional murderer, and the other day he shot his boss. Therefore, all the militants of the criminal group were now looking for Eddie and his family, and Jean had practically no chance of salvation.