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Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Released: 2001.
Director: Sharon Maguire.
Bridget Jones is already thirty years old, only the woman has not been able to triple her personal life. Every day is like another and everything seems gray and gloomy. She was never able to build her career, and she also did not find a soul mate. The reason for this was her excess weight, since the heroine of the film completely stopped taking care of herself. She began to smoke and drink a lot. She was not at all interested in what was happening in her environment. It would seem that such a life for Bridget completely triples.
Pamela is her mother and once, she decided to introduce her daughter to a promising young lawyer named Mark Darcy. Only Bridget did not like him at all, and even more so he was wearing a very funny sweater. But Mark himself was not very happy about this acquaintance, therefore, relations between the young people from the very beginning did not work out at all. In fact, Bridget has a lover and he is her boss named Daniel Cleaver, but she did not dare to confess her feelings. The moment has come when the heroine of the film decides to change her life and even allowed herself to be seduced. She perfectly understands that until she herself wants to change anything in her life, then she will remain completely alone.