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Baby's Day Out

Baby's Day Out (1994)
No one could have thought how independent and able to stand up for themselves a nine-month-old baby could be. Bink is the child of a wealthy and famous Cotwell couple. Parents are madly in love with their child. It is because of his position in society and the wealth of the family that the boy becomes a victim of kidnappers. The bandits are hoping to get a huge ransom for the child. This family is ready to give the criminals as much money as they need, if only their child was healthy.
Stealing Bink from the hands of an inattentive nanny turns out to be quite simple. However, only having received the baby in their hands, the heroes immediately lose it. The boy crawls away from the bandits in an unknown direction when they turn away from him for a minute. Now the boy is completely alone in the big city. The child moves through the streets, in the same direction as the character from his favorite book, Baby Boo. At this time, a large-scale operation begins to capture the main character. He is hunted by his own parents, as well as bandits, hoping to get good money for the baby. The boy gives the kidnappers a lot of problems, without even realizing it. The protagonists did not expect to meet such an intelligent child.