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A Bug's Life

A Bug's Life (1998)
Flik, a funny ant who invites you to go on the funniest journey. He has long dreamed of finding a detachment of warriors, insanely brave and courageous. Quite recently the village of Flik was attacked by an army of grasshoppers. The situation is tense to the limit and he understands perfectly well that if you do not take action, his family may die. Naturally, he absolutely could not allow this, he loved his loved ones, and they could die at any moment. Now Flick is ready to find those who will help him cope with the attackers.
He sincerely believed that he could cope with all the troubles that befell his family. But Flik's hope was practically dashed when, in the place where the soldiers were supposed to be, he discovers only a group of beetles. They are circus performers and absolutely did not resemble those whom he was looking for. The most interesting thing is that now they realize the whole essence of the problem. Now he will have to find a way out of this nightmare on his own. There is practically no time left, the enemy forces came very close. The only chance for salvation is to unite as a team and create a strong friendly team. His imagination can only be envied, because he knows perfectly well that only he can cope with this situation.