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Witness (1985)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance.
Released: 1985.
Director: Peter Weir.
In the center of the plot of the film is a boy named Samuel, who looks very fragile, and he also has many oddities. Firstly, he is outlandishly dressed, and secondly, he never had to see drinking fountains, as well as black people or statues. And then one day this wonderful boy becomes an unwitting witness to a murder in the city. The boy's mother recently became a widow, she belongs to the Amish religious community and believes that her family is not affected by the laws of the country in which she lives.
The investigation into the murder has to be carried out by experienced police officer John Book. For him, the testimony of witnesses is very important, but with such a position of Samuel's mother, he may be left with nothing, because he has no right to interrogate the boy without the consent and presence of his mother. Beech is trying to build bridges between the community to which the boy's mother belongs and modern American society. His task is not easy, but it is extremely important for him to find the killer of the secret agent who followed the drug dealers. Over time, he manages to get the case off the ground, and he is stunned by the testimony of Samuel - he identified the killer in one of the police inspectors.