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Vanguard (2020)
Genre: Action.
Released: 2020.
Director: Stanley Tong.
The international security service of the Celestial Empire could not be considered complete without a special elite unit called Vanguard. The specialists of an incredibly prestigious organization underwent a tough selection of personnel, since absolutely any person could not get into a particularly important service. A super professional commander of a military collective has seen many dangerous criminals in his lifetime, has been in extreme situations, and often found himself on the brink of survival. Trained to shoot accurately, run quickly and masterfully fight in close combat, the tough warrior readily passed on his experience to his subordinates.
An efficient, close-knit team of soldiers invariably worked together, fulfilling the infinitely important assignments of the higher authorities. Another fantastically difficult mission called on unique specialists to go in search of traces of a daring terrorist organization. Some "Arctic Wolves", who previously earned the fame of ruthless punishers, kidnapped an influential Asian businessman and his pretty daughter. The militants intended to keep the unfortunate captives in their wolf's lair until they were paid a huge ransom or insidious demands were met. Having moved to the point of the last deployment of the abducted victims, the staff of the headquarters began search activities. They are the best of their kind, and the enemies have no chance of winning! Or is there?