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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans (2009)
In the center of the plot of the film is the eternal confrontation that lasts between werewolves and vampires. The leader of the vampires is Viktor, who belongs to the aristocrats and has a huge number of Lycans slaves. Once he killed his slave, who was the mother of Lucian, he spared him, making him a tool in his hands. With his help, he turned many of his relatives into slavery and continues to do so now. Lucian was forced to follow all the orders of his master, he never disobeyed him, for which he was awarded to live in his house. Later, Viktor realizes the mistake he made, but it will be too late.
While at Viktor's house, Lucian meets his daughter Sonja. The couple is imbued with sympathy for each other, which will eventually grow into love. Lovers understand that their future is vague, because they belong to different warring races, but their feelings are becoming stronger. When one day Lucian, risking himself, saves the life of his beloved, she realizes that she can no longer live without him. However, her father, having learned that his daughter loves an enemy slave, and is also pregnant with him, condemns her to death. After that, Lucian escapes from Viktor and prepares an uprising of the Lycans against him.