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Underworld: Blood Wars

Underworld 5: Blood Wars
Selene lost everyone who was truly dear to her and now does not see much sense in her own existence. For a long time, she actively fights against lycans and bloodthirsty vampires, which are rightfully considered her enemy. Both clans do not inspire pleasant feelings or the slightest confidence in her, so she tries to stay aloof, not paying attention to their constant wars. The situation changes slightly when a truly decisive and talented leader appears among the Lycans for the first time in a long time, planning to completely destroy the enemies. He poses a great danger to bloodsuckers, and she is well aware of this. They assume that a bloody war will soon begin, but they do not have much knowledge of the enemy's weaknesses.
At this moment, they remember Selene, who regularly kills lycans and is aware of all the intricacies of this process. It's time to forgive past grievances and establish relationships with the representative of the ancient clan, which has always tried to retire. They will have to unite their efforts and begin a desperate struggle for the opportunity to continue to exist. There is no longer an opportunity to simply hide and everyone will have to risk their lives, and long-standing enemies will finally go to reconciliation.