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Uncle Frank

Uncle Frank (2020)
Genre: Drama, Comedy.
Released: 2020.
Director: Alan Ball.
Beth is only 18 years old, she is forced to move for a while to her beloved uncle - Frank. She missed him madly, and hoped to meet as soon as possible, and when she arrived at his home, she suddenly saw a completely different person there. It turned out that he was Walid. This man has been living with a relative of the young lady for a long time, and leads a rather strange lifestyle. At first, the girl did not perceive him as a best friend, but later she realized that he was uncle's real lover.
The girl did not know how to react to this. For her, this is rather strange, she did not understand what to do in the future, so as not to make a special pause in communication with Walid. She only observed the behavior of men from the side, and tried not to think too much. But it soon became clear that an accident had happened, their relative had died, and an urgent need to hit the road in order to get to the funeral on time. Frank collects the necessary things, and decided to talk to his lover on a serious topic. It turned out that his relatives are not aware of the fact that a man is a homosexual, so it is better for them not to know such information further. But the loved one is very offended by the guy, and believes that he just needs to be there as support.