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The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause (1994)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family.
Released: 1994.
Director: John Pasquin.
Scott Calvin is the most ordinary single father raising his beloved son. The guy works in a popular toy store as a salesman, trying to carve out a few hours a day for his adored offspring. Once, exactly on the eve of the coming Christmas, while putting the baby to bed, the main character heard a suspicious noise coming from the roof of his house. Running out into the street, the head of the family saw ... Santa Claus, uncertainly climbing the roof towards the chimney. Not expecting to be noticed, the clumsy grandfather stumbled and fell into a snowdrift, left unconscious.
Scott, without thinking twice, climbed into a fabulous sleigh pulled by reindeer, and suddenly the magical transport took off, taking the surprised passenger to the North Pole to the core. Finding himself at the ends of the earth, Mr. Calvin met the elf crumbs, who persuaded him to fulfill the duties of a temporarily absent Santa. Our eccentric agrees, not even knowing what he is signing up for. It's one thing to put on a Christmas costume and dance with the little ones. But when your gray beard begins to grow at a dizzying speed, your hair gradually falls out and your belly grows, it's no longer a joke.