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The Purge: Election Year

The Purge 3: Election Year (2016)
The final part of the trilogy. Earlier, the viewer could get acquainted with an alternative reality - the near future of the beginning of the XXI century. This is a dystopia. The new orders were introduced after America, along with other world states, went through an economic crisis and received a new updated government - an almost dictatorial regime. Order reigns in the country, but that day comes once a year. Or rather, the night at the end of March, when all sorts of outrages are officially allowed.
Anyone can rob, kill and commit any abominations with impunity. And for his actions on Purge Night, he cannot be punished. Moreover, during this time, the work of the police and medical services is prohibited, which further provokes violence and brutality. The third film takes place in 2025. On the eve of a new bloody night, the movement against this terrible day is intensified. At the head of the resistance is a woman - Senator Charlie Roan, who is unlucky. Many years ago, she lost her loved ones on one of those nights. Her active position attracts increased interest among voters and special attention from maniacs and murderers. So Charlie has a good chance of leading the government, and at the same time makes the heroine the number one target during this judgment night.