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The Polar Express

The Polar Express (2004)
The little boy doesn't believe in Santa Claus. He thinks that the stories about a kind old man giving out gifts are just an invention of adults, deceiving children for the sake of fleeting joy. But he knows that no Santa exists. The boy cannot be fooled by the gifts his parents have hidden under the Christmas tree.
One night the child was awakened by a terrible noise in the street. He was surprised at the sounds unusual for his area. Something large and luminous stopped near the house. Driven by curiosity, the boy goes outside and meets the conductor of the magic "Polar Express", which is heading to the North Pole. The man invites his new acquaintance to go with him on a long journey to meet Santa Claus. For a child, this proposal turns out to be a little strange. On the one hand, he thinks it's a prank, and on the other, he desperately wants to feel the spirit of Christmas.
Refusing at first, he changes his mind and jumps onto the platform, preparing for new experiences. On the way, the boy will meet new people, make friends and learn a lot, having received a useful lesson for life to the sounds of music and dances of other passengers.