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The Night Clerk

The Night Clerk (2020)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Released: 2020.
Bart is a harmless young man with autism. Due to his illness, Bart finds it difficult to find a common language with those around him. Since childhood, he has tried to stay as far away from people as possible. Instead of making loyal friends and building serious relationships with girls, the guy is forced to spend his evenings alone. But the need for money forces Bart to get a job. The choice of the autistic falls on the night porter in the average hotel. Working at night allows Bart to avoid contact with guests. But the desire to become a part of society still takes over fear.
Bart solves the problem of loneliness in an extraordinary way. The young man begins to spy on the guests through the keyhole. Scenes from other people's lives, full of bright colors and emotions, sweep before his eyes. Bart gets more and more taste every night. Everything changes when the receptionist becomes an unwitting witness to a brutal murder. The police start an investigation. A local detective concludes that it was Bart who could have committed the murder. Will the hapless autistic be able to prove his own innocence?