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The Nest

The Nest (2020)
Genre: Drama, Romance.
Released: 2020.
Director: Sean Durkin.
Rory is a man who can only be envied. Over the years, the hero of the film managed to acquire connections in high society, build his own business and get a luxurious mansion. The entrepreneur's wife and small children live in the building. It would seem that Rory has everything to enjoy life. But the man is not enough of those benefits that already exist. Dreaming of more, he sets out to conquer new horizons. Throwing everything, he flies to gloomy England. Here, far from colleagues and loved ones, he is trying to hit the big jackpot.
For the sake of profit, Rory goes to a variety of tricks: lies, manipulates, betrays. He is not tormented by his conscience, because his luxurious life is at stake. Not wanting to give up unheard of riches, Rory continues a dangerous game, destroying everyone who dares to stand in his way. How far will a cynical businessman go when he grabbed hold of money and power over others?