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The Life Ahead

The Life Ahead (2020)
Madame Rosa is an elderly Jewish woman who survived Auschwitz and now lives in the Belleville district of Paris. Her home is a shelter for a small group of children abandoned by prostitute mothers. However, with a strict but fair woman raising them, they are much better off than with their own mothers. The guys are constantly full, warm, well dressed.
One day, a ten-year-old African American boy named Mohammed, or simply Momo, gets out of hand. It is attached here by an old friend of Rosa, who is unable to care for a lively child for health reasons. The boy is actually raised on the street, he even steals a bag from a passing Rosa and runs away. At first, she does not want to engage in the education of such a notorious bully, believing that nothing good will come of him, but under the onslaught of an old friend she agrees.
Much to her surprise, warm shelter and caring change the character of the boy, making him kind, compassionate and grateful. When the rest of the grown-up children leave, and the woman grows old, it is he who stays close and helps the ailing old woman. Gratitude to her, who made him a man, he will carry through his whole life and will remember the care years later.