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The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (2020), starwars
Far in the center of our incomprehensible galaxy, a fierce battle continues between representatives of different sides of the Force. There are Jedi who constantly encounter the Sith. Against the background of their age-old conflict over the purpose of force, a full-scale war between the Empire and the Republican uprising unfolds. No one will accept a compromise, only a radical victory. Although such serious offensives decide the future of the galaxy, some times have to retreat because of the holiday. Soon there will be another Christmas, which mysteriously was able to spread from an unknown planet throughout the Milky Way.
Few dare to risk breaking quiet hours with friends and with smiles. But only time passes, as everything is restored, forces are activated. The war continues. It is difficult to imagine what a dirty trick an attempt to seize the initiative during the holiday period and start to press on an unprepared enemy would be considered. Suddenly, during a period of temporary calm, Rey finds a strange key that transports her to the distant past. She meets young Luke, and learns about the really real villains. What happens if such an artifact falls into the hands of Vader or Palpatine?