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The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give (2018)
Starr Carter is a teenager who lives in a poor black ghetto. She lives two different lives, because she studies in a rich school, where mostly white children. However, returning home after school, the girl finds herself among criminals and drug dealers, which she absolutely does not like. However, she cannot change her own life in any way, and only dreams that after she graduates from high school, she can go to college. However, there comes a moment when he finds himself in an extremely unpleasant situation, which can radically affect not her later life. The thing is that a policeman is killing her friend right in front of her eyes. Her friend was unarmed, but this did not in any way affect the cop's decision to shoot the African American.
From that moment on, Starr tries to get justice, but she can do absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, she is not going to stop, as she wants to do everything possible so that the policeman will be punished for the death of her friend. However, this will be incredibly difficult to achieve, given the fact that she is from a poor area, and no one will listen to her. However, there comes a time when she has a chance to realize her plans.