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The Good Girl

The Good Girl (2002)
Justine Last has already passed 30, and every day she is more and more clearly aware of how wretched and gray her life is. An early marriage did not bring her happiness and now she is forced to watch her hubby Phil all day lying on the couch in the living room and spitting on the ceiling. She herself works in a supermarket and sells cosmetics in the perfumery department. No children, no prospects. A common swamp has drawn in a still young and very beautiful blonde.
Everything changes when a new employee named Holden appears in the store. He is handsome and does not mind having an affair with a pretty saleswoman. Soon, their relationship flows into love and meetings in a country motel are becoming more frequent. As luck would have it, it is at this moment that Phil begins to think about the future generation and takes out his wife with this question. And she, by coincidence, just got pregnant from her lover. She talks about her situation to her husband, not knowing that he was examined and received a verdict from doctors - infertility. With incredible tricks, she convinces Phil that the doctors were wrong.
Meanwhile, Holden insists on their escape to another state, where they can start a new life. For this, he steals from the store, but forgets the keys in the safe. He informs Justine that he has money and they can escape. She packs up her suitcases and rushes to her lover, but stops on the way and begins to torment her with remorse. She doesn't know what to do - turn Holden over to the police or escape into a new life.