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The Fighter

The Fighter (2010)
The film is based on the true story of a famous boxer named Micky Ward, known in the ring as "Irish". Micky was just an ordinary guy who lived a passion for boxing. He hoped to someday become a real high-class boxer, and therefore he constantly trained and purposefully walked towards his dream. His half-brother, Dicky Eklund, once achieved some success in boxing, but then quit the sport due to his morbid addiction to drugs. For a long time Micky could not go after serious defeats and setbacks, but then he was able to pull himself together, and also met a young waitress named Charlene.
Micky refused to communicate with his half-brother, who often skipped workouts and often forgot about his brother and his dreams. Micky's mother, who defended her eldest son with all her might, despite his drug addiction, always set her older brother as an example of Micky, which incredibly angered the future boxer. Ultimately, he decided to leave the family and end all intercourse with family members. His girlfriend and father, as well as a good coach, helped him get in shape and defeat a strong opponent. But Micky always felt affection for Dicky and gratitude to him, as it was he who helped him win the most important fight of his career.