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The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
The film takes place on Earth in the near future. Devastating wars, natural disasters and various viruses have completely devoured the Earth. Now mankind is waging an unceasing struggle among themselves for the right to take possession of the last centers of origin of drinking water and other vital minerals. But human activity does not go unnoticed. Soon, strange spacecraft, clearly not belonging to humanity, begin to approach the Earth. Soon, the aliens disembark from their ships in the central park of New York and send their envoy to meet people.
An alien named Klaatu, acting as a mediator between humans and his fellows, notifies people that due to their harmful influence and activities, the Earth has become practically uninhabitable. This is dangerous for interstellar cooperation, because there are not many planets in the observable universe that are suitable for many life forms. The earth is one of them. Therefore, she must be saved before it is too late. If people do not stop wars and destruction, then cooperation will destroy humanity as a race of sentient beings in order to save the Earth from inevitable destruction.