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The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)
Released: 2018.
Director: Clay Kaytis.
Many children believe in the existence of Santa Claus, who makes them happy with his Christmas gifts every year. For this reason, until a certain moment, each of us is so happy about the onset of this magical holiday. But as we grow older, we forget about New Year's miracles, gifts and Santa, ceasing to believe in him. But as it turned out, it really exists. This is clearly seen the main characters of this film are Kate and Teddy. The children, in order to prove his existence, decided to film his appearance on camera.
As a result, the unsuspecting Santa Claus found himself in an unpleasant situation for himself. As a result of this innocent trick, the whole holiday is under threat. And in order to save Christmas, the children will have to help Santa get out of the trouble they are in. Ahead of such an unusual company will be an incredible adventure full of funny situations. Every now and then they will fall into all sorts of absurdities that will delight viewers of all ages. But do the main characters have a chance to correct their own mistake and give the whole world an unforgettable holiday?