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The Book of Life

The Book of Life (2014)
For many decades in Mexico, there has been a holiday called the Day of the Dead. It is celebrated annually and may not be understood by every representative of a different nationality. In the center of the plot, Katrina is the mistress of the world of the unforgotten dead, in which she runs literally everything. All kinds of people live here, leaving behind a certain mark in history. As a result, the memory of them exists even years later, due to which they live in this kingdom of the dead. But there is also another, completely opposite place, in which a place was found already by those of whom there is simply no one to remember. And one day the lords of these different worlds decide to make a daring bet. And they do it exactly on the eve of another holiday celebrated in the world of living people.
The essence of the dispute is to find out who the beautiful Maria will fall in love with - a warrior who became a hero and possessed all the qualities of a brave man, or a hopeless romantic from the world of the forgotten. Ahead of each of these characters will be an exciting journey that will lead to many funny situations. The story will concern not only the dead, but also the living.