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The Big Sick

The Big Sick (2017)
This film is a true story of an American couple and tells about their uneasy relationship and love for each other against the background of racial and social prejudices. Once, having met, two young people showed sympathy for each other and began to meet. But almost from the very first day, a whole mountain of obstacles grows on the path of their love. And the thing is that Kumail is a Muslim who emigrated to the United States from Pakistan, and Emily is a Native American. Although love has no boundaries, at one point the seemingly strong relationship of guys living together for several months begins to deteriorate.
It all starts with the fact that the guy told his parents that he was dating an American girl. And besides, he is not a fellow believer, he incurs their wrath. They begin to prohibit the guy from seeing her and, under all sorts of pretexts, begin to interfere with their relationship. Moreover, one evening his father brings a Pakistani girl to their apartment and announces that this is his son's new girlfriend. This made Emily very angry and she leaves for her parents the same day. The guy almost every day tries to explain to her, but her parents prevent this.
And after the girl was admitted to the hospital with food poisoning, the parents again face the boy in the hospital. And seeing with what trepidation and care he treats their daughter, they gradually begin to establish a relationship with him. They cast aside their racial prejudices, realizing that this guy really appreciates and respects their daughter. And although there is still a whole sea of difficulties and problems associated with racial prejudice on the way of lovers, encouraging parents helps them strengthen their relationship.