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Tenet (2020)
The story of an African American who until a certain point led an ordinary life. But as a result of a whole series of circumstances, he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game associated with a crime syndicate and government spies. A valuable thing falls into his hands, for which both the first and the second are hunted. And now the life of the protagonist is in mortal danger. Then they attack him from behind, leaving him on the verge of life and death.
Having regained consciousness, he meets a mysterious man in a black suit, who brings the main character up to date. And from that moment on, a dangerous mission will await him, on the fulfillment of which the future of the whole country depends. Having enlisted the support of a newly-made partner, the hero sets out on a journey, simultaneously eliminating dozens of armed enemies. He will have to participate in the pursuit and follow to the goal under a hail of bullets. But will he be able to understand the true reasons for everything that happens? In order not to make a mistake, the participant of this spy game must decide on whose side he is.