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Sabrina (1995)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Released: 1995.
Director: Sydney Pollack.
David Larrabee is the youngest son of a businessman who created a large telecommunications company. He enjoys luxury, goes to clubs, seduces women and doesn't care about running a family business. Linus is the eldest son of a wealthy family, seeking to develop his father's company and increase his wealth.
Soon, David's wedding to Elizabeth Tyson is due. The promising alliance will unite the capitals of the two families and make Larreby monopolies in the telecommunications market. Suddenly, the beautiful daughter of the chauffeur Sabrina, who has returned home from Paris, interferes in the plans of the heroes. In her youth, she was in love with the reveler David, and now she has become prettier, gained experience and decided to seduce him.
The irresponsible groom is immediately carried away by Sabrina and is going to abandon the engagement for her sake. Linus is afraid that the wedding and the pooling of capitals may fail. He decides to separate his brother from his mistress. The sly man wounded David with a glass and with the help of bribes forced the doctor to inject his stupid relative with sleeping pills. While the deceived major is in a depressed state, Linus tries to seduce his mistress and send her back to Paris. However, at the last moment, the swindler will change his plans.