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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
The film takes place in the twelfth century in England, ruled by King Richard, nicknamed for his courage the Lionheart. Unfortunately, in his absence, vague affairs begin to happen in the kingdom, the leader of which is the Sheriff of Nottingham. He is trying to make a coup and become in power, there is no limit to his atrocities, and not only ordinary people, but also nobles suffer from them. Meanwhile, Sir Robin, who is on a crusade, is captured by the enemy. In conclusion, he meets the Azeem, with whom he prepares an escape plan. During the escape, Azeem is wounded and remains to fight the enemies to let Robin escape.
Returning to Nottingham, Robin sees a sad sight - devastation, riots, sheriff's outrage, leading to death. He learns about the death of his father and decides to take revenge on the sheriff for this and for the suffering of the people. The place where he stopped is the Sherwood Forest, it is here that he gathers his like-minded people to join them in righteous battle. And he also needs to fulfill the last will of Azeem, who saved him from death - to find his sister Lady Marian and take care of her. The brave Robin Hood defends the humiliated, insulted, fighting for the bright future of his people.