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Random Hearts

Random Hearts (1999)
People still have no idea that it is better to live in a sticky web of lies, or still find out the harsh truth at one moment, overcome all problems and continue to exist in this mortal world? The price of truth can at times be extremely high, and not every person can withstand the bitter words of truth spoken to him. The two main characters of the story faced such a severe test: a member of Congress - Kay Chandler, a policeman - Dutch Van Den Broeck. Each of the two people lost their other halves at the time of the plane crash. As a professional investigator, Dutch had no idea that his wife had bought a plane ticket. By building logical chains, he becomes a witness to unusual facts.
Previously, Kate and Dutch did not know each other, but now, due to a common tragedy, they have literally become best friends. Unraveling the web of lies in which they lived for a long period of time, the heroes learned more and more facts about their beloved. It turned out that each of the deceased had a second family, and they led a double life for several years. Caught in the middle of such deception, the heroes must make a difficult choice and come to terms with the loss. Will they have enough strength to carry out such actions?