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Megamind (2010)
Released: 2010.
Director: Tom McGrath.
The main characters in the film are Megamind and Metro Man. Some time ago, as a result of the collision of two planets with a black hole, two babies were sent from this planet to any suitable planet. By coincidence, this planet turned out to be the Earth. The infants, while still in space, began a confrontation between themselves, which continued on Earth, in their new homes. One of the babies ended up in a wealthy and happy family, and the other went to an orphanage. Their lives were radically different: one grew up surrounded by affection, care and love of adoptive parents, and the other was brought up in an orphanage, in teenage colonies or on the street. The first possessed amazing strength, speed and dexterity, and the second - a brilliant mind and quick wit.
As adults, they did not forget their opposition at all. On the contrary, it got worse and led to surprising consequences. Now in Metro City, where Megamind and Metro Man live, there is an ongoing battle between supervillain and superhero. One constantly wants to take possession of the city and become the sole ruler and tyrant, while the second constantly stops him, frees the prisoners and saves the city and its inhabitants from danger. But what happens when Megamind manages to destroy Metro Man and become the winner?