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Mars Attacks!

Mars Attacks (1996)
H.G. Wells wrote about things that many people never imagined. The Martians have arrived on planet Earth. They started to erase all of humanity forever, but did not take into account that people are not ready for such changes. The aliens decided to resort to their cunning plan, which was to appear in the guise of peaceful guests. Secretly from the unfortunate people, they pulled weapons from their powerful backs to wage the outrage. The huge metropolitan areas of the United States of America were immediately defeated by them. Humanity had to go on the run, just to stop the invasion of the Martians.
The green creatures decided to attack the White House. They hit the head of state of the United States. The President really had a hard time. The authorities and the US army rebelled against the enemies. Alien beings began to spread everywhere, scoffing at popular TV stars in society, chasing ordinary people and killing them, completely feeling no pity for them. At this time, a young guy from a simple American couple learns a way to kill aliens.