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Lucy (2014)
The possibilities of the human brain are endless. Scientists claim that people, on average, actively use only 10% of his abilities. But if they learn to control it and use it to its fullest, then incredible things will happen all over the world. In the process of evolution, everyone will rise several steps higher. Until recently, Lucy was an ordinary eccentric blonde, but a stormy night at the club will change her life forever. She will contact the wrong guys. And they see it simply as a means of transporting a new type of drugs.
A bag with the goods is sewn into her abdominal cavity. She is not satisfied with such a prospect, and she is trying in every possible way to save herself. One of the thugs hits her and the contents of the bag break open and enter her body. In the blink of an eye, she feels a surge of strength, and now the girl is ready to do what her offenders deserve. She's special. Lucy has become a serious phenomenon for the whole world, able to control not only other people's thoughts, but also mothers. Will she be able to develop all 100% of her abilities and challenge the criminals, who have no idea how serious she is. The girl is on a serious hunt. The enemy hopes to find her weaknesses. Until this happens, she herself must understand what to fear. Will a fragile blonde be able to develop further skills beyond the control of reason?