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Let Him Go

Let Him Go (2020)
Together with his family, George lived in Montana, and felt like a completely happy person. His son grew up, and even found a beloved girl with whom he built a relationship for a long time. My father was not worried about the existence of her family, as he tried to secure the city on his own. He worked as a sheriff and caught criminals. But one day this profession played a cruel joke with him, and the attackers decided to take revenge. The sheriff's family was attacked, in which his son died.
George can no longer continue to build a career ladder and live in this city, so he makes an agreement with his wife to move. They travel to Dakota and find out that this is where their grandson is. It turns out that he is very small, the family did not know about the existence of this relative. A married couple finds out that their grandson is in hard-hitting hands, and now they are trying to do everything possible to protect the baby's life and free him from the custody of terrible personalities. They are sure that these opponents are somehow involved in the death of their son. Now George will not miss the opportunity to take revenge on the enemies for the death of his child.