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Knock Knock

Knock Knock (2015)
Genre: Drama, Thriller.
Released: 2015.
Director: Eli Roth.
The protagonist of the film is a successful architect named Evan. Evan is no longer young, but quite happy. He has everything that any person on the planet can dream of: a beloved family, a beautiful and loving wife, two wonderful children, a cozy home and a job that he takes pleasure in every day. He is quite content with his calm and measured life. One day, the family decides to go to the sea for the weekend, and Evan is preparing with might and main for a well-deserved rest, but suddenly the boss tells Evan that he needs to finish an unfinished project. Frustrated, Evan stays at home while his wife and children go to sea.
Peace and quiet have a beneficial effect on the course of work, because no one bothers Evan and he can work in complete solitude and tranquility. But unexpectedly late in the evening there is a knock on the door, and two young and beautiful girls appear on the threshold of his house. They are lost in an unfamiliar area, completely soaked in the pouring rain, and they ask Evan to let them into the house to dry their clothes and call a taxi. Evan agrees to let them in, gives them dry clothes and calls a taxi, but soon realizes that inviting adorable Genesis and pretty Bell into the house was a huge mistake.