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Jungleland (2019)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2019.
Director: Max Winkler.
Sport is always exciting, but in the life of everyone who has dedicated his life to him, the time comes to end his career. This happened with one boxer named Lion. He's not having the best times. It is not easy for his older brother Stanley, who is also his manager. Despite the fact that the boxer works out well in the ring, the brothers ate make ends meet. And by the stupidity of Stanley, who made several unsuccessful bets, they still managed to owe money. And they urgently need to come up with something to pay off their debts, otherwise they will face big troubles.
Now they have decided to go to the last battle. To get to the final fight, the boxer will have to overcome a huge distance with his brother. He is ready to do it and finish his career with dignity. However, their path will turn out to be more difficult than he expected, since on the way they will have a lot of new emotions thanks to a meeting with one extraordinary fellow traveler named Sky. This attractive person will provoke the brothers to sort things out among themselves. So with her behavior, she will contribute to testing the strength of family ties. What awaits the boxer in the end, will he be able to take part in the last fight.