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Insidious (2010)
Released: 2010.
Director: James Wan.
The events of this horror begin with an ordinary family, which decided to change the situation and move to another house. Josh Lambert, along with his wife Renai and children: Dalton, Cali and Foster arrived at the place, and not having time to settle down, they immediately notice inexplicable phenomena. Footsteps and strange creaks are constantly heard in the house, and things disappear from the places where they were left. One day, late in the evening, Dalton decides to climb into the attic and find out where these nightmarish sounds come from, but turning on the lighting, the boy falls and does not wake up. The family goes to the hospital with the boy. Doctors cannot understand what the coma is connected with, saying that they have not encountered such cases.
A couple of months pass, and the paranormal phenomena do not subside. Rene can not stand it, and persuades her husband to leave the damned place. But having left, they did not change anything, and the ghosts find them there too. Desperate, Renai turns to psychics to help. Specs and Tucker came to the rescue. After looking at everything, they understand that this is not their level and invite a stronger expert. Elise explains that their son Dalton is trapped in the astral plane, and a dangerous demon claims the child's physical body. Will Elise be able to save the boy from captivity, or will someone else do it?