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Homefront (2013)
Released: 2013.
Director: Gary Fleder.
The main character of the film is a man named Phil Broker, who single-handedly brings up a growing daughter. For many years, Phil worked in the anti-drug department, but after the responsibility for the upbringing and education of his only daughter falls on his shoulders, Phil decides to leave the old city and live in a quieter and more peaceful place. Of course, it is not easy for her daughter to go through the move and such dramatic changes in her life, but having learned what a wonderful town they are going to, the girl begins to be more optimistic about the changes in her life. At first glance, the city Phil has chosen seems to be just the perfect move. It has a prestigious school, lovely parks, a tranquil environment and much more.
But the troubles begin that local boys start to pester the Broker's daughter. The girl, whom her father taught some tricks, gives a worthy rebuff to impudent people. However, the parents of the boys, having learned that their precious children have been crippled, turn up to Phil and demand an explanation. And soon the mafiosi, who run this city and keep the entire population in fear, will learn about Phil and his daughter. Led by Gator, drug dealers decide to get rid of the impudent agent and his daughter, and the Broker family is in grave danger.