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His House

His House (2020)
"His House" is a dark thriller about a refugee family. The situation in South Sudan is tense to the limit. Local residents face the horrors of war every day. There is no need to seek help from the state. To survive, ordinary citizens flee across the border. Not everyone succeeds in getting to civilization.
Bol and Rial are a married couple who had the opportunity to travel to the UK. Dreaming of the beginning of a new life, the husband, wife and their little daughter get into the boat and hit the road. But on the way to the European continent, Bol and Rial experience a tragedy: their little daughter tragically dies. It was not easy to survive the loss, the husband and wife still get to the UK and receive immigrant status. Weeks pass, and the spouses from South Sudan have their own apartment, where they can move very soon. Life seems to be getting better. However, inexplicable things are happening in the house. Bol and Rial are confident that an otherworldly entity dwells here. Someone is closely watching their every step. But the spouses cannot find evidence of their own theory. At their new place of residence, they have to go through all the circles of hell.