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Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy (2020)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2020.
Director: Ron Howard.
J.D. Vance is a charming young man who was once considered an outstanding military officer. The noble daredevil stubbornly and strenuously served in the Marine Corps. The time has come when a courageous boy is forced to go on a long-awaited vacation. In civilian life, a talented promising young man finds a new unique dizzying hobby. The poor man enters the prestigious Yale Law School.
After graduation, the desperate boy is one step away from getting his cherished dream job. Suddenly, a family crisis forces the frightened guy to return to his parental home, which is located in the Appalachians. For a long time, the poor fellow tried to forget about such a terrible hated place. The fact is that Jay will have to sort out a difficult unfavorable relationship with a caring mother named Bev, who has recently been struggling with her difficult addiction. The heir is trying to revive in the woman's head good happy memories of her grandmother Mamaw, a persistent personality who, in complete solitude, raised a huge number of children. The conflict is accompanied by crazy events that baffle innocent victims.