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Grace of Monaco

Grace of Monaco (2014)
Released: 2014.
Director: Olivier Dahan.
The beautiful conqueror of Hollywood and a million hearts of enthusiastic fans around the world. The audience admired her beauty, the directors recognized her talent and invited her to work in their films. Rich men worshiped her, but the young beauty Grace Kelly chose a different way to show herself to the world. A handsome prince, balls, receptions at dignitaries, chic outfits, devotees and, of course, a crown were waiting for her. But was this life so paradise? What did the Monaco crown give Grace in exchange for the title of Princess of Hollywood?
Will Grace cope with all the trials that fate has in store for her? The enviable title of princess that so many want to get may not be so beautiful. Numerous lessons of etiquette, peculiarities of the country, competently delivered speech and, finally, origin. Not everyone in Grace's new environment wants to let her into their aristocratic circle. And then neighboring France complicates the situation, endangering such fragile happiness of Grace and the very existence of the entire state of Monaco. But the fragile beauty can do everything, it's not for nothing that she is the princess of Monaco!