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Fatman (2020)
The focus is on a little boy who takes offense at Santa Claus. It would seem, how can you be offended by a good-natured old man who brings gifts under the tree every year? However, the main character did not like the gift that was presented to him this year. A twelve-year-old boy named Billy was a naughty boy throughout the year and offended his peers, so Santa put a piece of coal under his tree. Of course, he did not expect to receive such a gift, so he became very angry with Santa. On top of everything else, his buddies began to mock him, constantly making fun of him about the Christmas present.
Soon, the main character decided to collect all his accumulated savings in order to hire a hitman. The boy is sure that this way he will be able to take revenge on Santa for the ruined Christmas once and for all. Billy wants the hitman to "take out" Klaus before the long-awaited Christmas night. However, at that moment he did not realize that Santa also knows something. In the near future, the main character will have to go on an unforgettable journey, which, perhaps, will change his outlook on life and make him a little kinder to others.