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Dreamland (2019)
Allison is a professional thief. In 1930, she managed to sneak into a local financial enterprise and rob the company. Now government agencies in the city are announcing a large sum of money for her life. They intend to spread this information among the local population so that they are aware of, and in no way help escape. The young lady is on the run, she does not know where to ask for help, since everyone dreams of getting money for her.
Meanwhile, a young boy named Eugene does not understand how to cope with the problems on his father's farm. It turns out that they are practically bankrupt, because a huge number of animals died from the drought. The boy is trying to find money in order to pay debts and leave the family business, but has not yet been able to do this. Suddenly, the very Allison he has heard of is shown on his farm. Rumors spread to all settlements in the vicinity. Eugene initially wanted to hand her over to the police and receive an award, but while she was visiting him, the guy fell in love with the young lady. Now he does not know what to do, because he treats the girl well, and understands perfectly why she took up crime. The young man needs money, and it torments his thoughts.