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Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence (2016)
Bob Stone is a young student who loves donuts and is overweight. Many of his fellow students laughed at him and mocked him. And Bob just kept silent and dreamed of becoming a significant person in this world. The only person who supported him at the time was Kelvan. He studied well, was a mathematician and a good athlete. But then one day Bob's classmates disgraced Bob in front of the whole college, and he decided to just disappear for many years. Twenty years have passed and that Bob, who weighed about two hundred kilograms, has changed a lot. He turned into a pumped-up man who destroys everything in his path and is not afraid of absolutely nothing. Long years of training six hours every day in a row were not in vain.
And now, after so many years, Bob finds his former classmate Calvin on one of the social networks, he decides to meet with him. And Calvin went from being the most famous guy in college to the insecure accountant who longs for the past. And when Bob and Calvin met, it was a surprise for both of them. Bob said that he works for the CIA and is carrying out a dangerous secret mission, about a month ago, a hacker stole access codes to the CIA tracking system, and Calvin, as the best mathematician at school, is simply obliged to help Bob put together the whole puzzle of numbers, and then completely find the criminal.