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365 Days

365 Days (2020)
The film tells about the relationship between two people who are absolutely different from each other. Massimo is a violent criminal who lives outside the law from an early age. He is used to solving issues with brute force. He doesn't know the concept of honor. Growing older, Massimo occupied a prominent position in the Sicilian mafia, and after the death of his influential father, he headed a criminal organization at all.
Laura is a successful businesswoman with her own five-star hotel. Laura's professional activity brings considerable income, but a woman has serious problems in her personal life. The relationship with her husband reached a dead end, which is why the enterprising heroine began to think about divorce. Before putting an end to his marriage with his beloved, Laura decides to go to Sicily. The trip turns into a nightmare for the heroine. She is kidnapped by Massimo, intending to win the captive's heart. Initially, Laura had only dislike for the kidnapper. But over time, an animal passion flares up between Belle and Massimo, turning the situation upside down. How will this dark erotic thriller end?