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Working Girl

Working Girl (1988)
Despite the available higher education, bright mind and hard work Tess still works as a secretary, even though she has already turned thirty. Her boss has absolutely no interest in her desire for career growth, and he manipulates her as he pleases. Once a meeting with Bob, a famous womanizer, to which her boss sent her, ends scandalously and he dismisses Tess from his post. After that, she takes a job in the department, which is headed by Catherine Parker. In a new place, the girl feels completely differently - people listen to her and her ideas are appreciated.
Once, having learned about the intentions of the partner of the firm "Trask" company to invest in television, Tess expresses her thoughts on this matter. Katharine listens to her attentively, but does not find any rational grain in her reasoning. She then goes on vacation and breaks her leg while at a ski resort. In her absence, Tess learns about the intentions of the cunning boss to appropriate her idea. She has a cunning plan, which she is going to bring to life with the help of her best friend Cyn. Cynthia will have to play the role of her secretary, she also - the role of the boss. Will Tess be able to defend her rights and defend the idea?