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Warrior (2011)
Genre: Action, Drama, Sport.
Released: 2011.
Director: Gavin O'Connor.
A film about mixed martial arts, in which the story of the largest tournament in history awaits you, the winner of which will have the opportunity not only to declare himself to the whole world, but also to win an impressive cash prize, which most can only dream of. So, many people with the proper level of combat training decide to take part in the upcoming competition.
In the center of the plot are two siblings who have not seen each other for a long amount of time. Even in childhood, they were truly inseparable, despite many difficulties. But at some point in time, their father made an act that separated them once and for all. Since then, the first became a school teacher, in the old years dreaming of building a career as a fighter. But with the advent of a wife and a young child, he buried dreams of sports, concentrating on caring for others. Everything changes after his child becomes ill and begins to need an expensive operation. Participation in competitions is the only thing that can bring the main character the necessary amount of money. But his brother also intends to participate in the tournament.