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The Pianist

The Pianist (2002)
The plot of this film is based on real events and shows the tragic fate of the famous Polish pianist of Jewish origin Wladyslaw Szpilman. The fate of which was rather sad and tragic during the period of the dictatorship of Nazism in Europe during the Second World War. Before the fascists came to power and the beginning of the Second World War, the life of the talented pianist Wladyslaw was happy and cloudless, just the way he wished for himself. This very talented man, a little reserved, but at the same time revealed himself during his concerts, led a very happy and cloudless life. The man was completely absorbed in music and art in which he saw the meaning of his life, he was very famous and respected throughout Poland and beyond, and his concerts received ovations, and the halls were always crowded. But with the arrival of the Nazis, and the beginning of World War II and the occupation of Poland by German troops, his life changed dramatically.
Wladyslaw, like all Jews, is humiliated and insulted. The famous musician is forced to wear a patch in the form of a white star, a symbol of belonging to the Jewish race, and sent to the Warsaw ghetto. A place where all Jews were forcibly driven to decide their further fate. But after the Jews are sent from this place to a specialized concentration camp where almost all of its inhabitants will face certain death, the guy decides to flee. He manages to escape and he begins to hide in the gloomy military streets of the city, the former pianist works on construction sites and constantly changes his place of residence. The man is often helped by locals who recognize this emaciated and emaciated man as an outstanding pianist. But he constantly changes his place of hiding, as raids constantly take place in the city to identify Jews and other enemies of the regime. And people who hide the fugitives face immediate execution. Once a man is very lucky, and a very rich woman decides to hide him from the Nazis, who before the war was a big fan of his talent. She hides it in her apartment, which, due to the fact that she is friends with the German command, is not checked with searches. And Vladislav has been living there for several years, secretly hoping that a happy day will soon come and the regime will fall, and he will be free again.