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Stand by Me

Stand by Me (1986)
Genre: Adventure, Drama.
Released: 1986.
Director: Rob Reiner.
A dramatic film based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. The events take place on the territory of a small town called Castle Rock, where nothing out of the ordinary has happened for a long time. In the center of the plot are four best friends, who at the moment are only a little over ten years old. They are used to spending all their time together, playing various games, or just walking around. However, in 1959 something happened that hit the whole city.
One of the boys, whose name was Ray Brower, is missing. It is only known that he went to the forest in order to collect berries. He had done this several times before, so no one could have thought that trouble could happen. The search began for the child, which did not yield any results. And then the sheriff finds nothing better than to establish a reward for finding this child. Soon, his friends decide to go on a long journey themselves in order to try to find a friend. They still have no idea what consequences this route will eventually lead, which will take more than a day.