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Network (1976)

Network (1976)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 1976.
Director: Sidney Lumet.
Howard Beale dedicated his life to a television career. He successfully hosted the evening news program for a long time, but recently the program's ratings have plummeted. Howard learned that the management of the television company had made a decision to dismiss him as soon as possible. This news was shocked, he devoted the best years of his life to this work, and now he is forced to look for a new place.
The once popular TV presenter could not come to terms with such a fate. The next day, live on the air, he made an unexpected statement, he is ready to commit suicide if he is fired. The management could not tolerate such impudence, but decided to let the good employee run the program for the last time and say goodbye to the audience.
The last news release was supposed to be a farewell for Howard Beale, but the man could not contain his own emotions and he made a speech with obscene words to the whole country. However, his performance was an incredible success, the ratings went up, giving Howard huge popularity. From this moment, the leadership begins to use the leader's crazy statements for their own purposes, but one day they will still have to leave.